Meet Our Team

Emily Osak

Office Manager

Emily is our chaos coordinator at Harvester Animal Clinic! She is always ready to jump in and help where ever she is needed and we would be completely lost without her. She first got started in veterinary med over 21 years ago because she simply loved being around animals. Years later she still loves being around animals and her favorite part is ensuring that animals and clients both have a great visit. If she could offer one piece of advice for pet owners it would be to keep their pets on heartworm prevention. At home, she gets her slobbery kisses from her beautiful rescue dog Jojo along with her cat Oliver!

Amy Beard

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Amy is a jack of all trades at Harvester Animal Clinic! From answering phones to assisting with surgeries and always lending a helping hand, or listening ear we are grateful to have her as part of the team. She provides us with 9 years of veterinary medicine experience. She first got started to help better the lives of animals and to educate owners on proper care for their pets. If she could offer one piece of advice to pet parents it would be to have patience with your animals. At home, she gets her slobbery kisses from her chocolate lab Walt and French bulldog Winnie!

Jacque Pierce

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jacque joins Harvester Animal Clinic with 11 years of animal knowledge and experience. While Jacque is a technician, she also does all of our ordering. We are so thankful for Jacque going above and beyond and making sure we have everything we need to care for our clients. She first started in the animal industry because she loves animals and learning new things about medicine. Her favorite thing to do at the clinic is to draw blood, place IV catheters and educate clients. Jacque loves the small breed animals and that is truly shown by her pets. At home, Jacque has a full house with Bubbles, a chihuahua mix, Buddy, a Shih Tzu, Buster, a Yorkie, Diego, a dachshund, and a cat named Bailey.

Riley Wagner

Licensed Veterinary Technician

After only 4 years in the vet industry, Riley brings so much to the table! With her vast animal knowledge and ability to always lend a helping hand we are grateful to have her as a part of the team! Riley first started in the animal industry because she believes that animals provide unconditional love and wanted to make sure they always get the help they need, especially since they cannot easily help themselves. With this being said, her favorite part of her job is to educate clients and her one piece of advice is to always have an emergency fund or insurance for your pets. When Riley is home she gets slobbery kisses from her pets Otis, a golden retriever, Oliver, a Great Pyrenees, Mae, a border collie, and her two rats Bubbles and Blossom.

Emily Brewer

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Emily has been pursuing caring for animals since the age of 14 and graduated from tech school in 2018. Emily believes that pets are not just pets; they are cherished members of the family. They deserve love, compassion, and the highest standard of care, just as any child would.. At home, Emily has the company of a few four-legged friends including her dogs Buzz and Jolene, her cats Milo and Clark, and her syrian hamster Cora! Outside of work, Emily enjoys spending time outdoors with her animals and her family.

Zaria Marion

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Zaria has worked in the veterinary medicine field for over 4 years and we are grateful for her knowledge and experience. She first knew she wanted to help animals in middle school when her first dog got sick. Since then she was very passionate about helping animals. Her favorite things to do at the clinic are to assist with dental cleanings, draw blood, and place catheters. She advises clients not to give animals table scraps because you never know what could end up hurting your pet. When Zaria isn’t busy at the clinic, she is home getting snuggles from her Pitbulls Storm and Thor!

Lexi King

Veterinary Assistant

Lexi joins our team with over 5 years of animal experience and a can-do helpful attitude. She first started in the veterinary world because she wanted to help and save dogs who had no one else. Now, Lexi loves the medical side of the animal world including running blood tests and diagnostic testing. Her favorite part of her job is that at the end of the day she knows she has made a difference in helping a living being and knowing that she was able to make them feel better. Lexi loves working with our large breed dogs and even has two of her own at home, Josie, a Pitbull, and Titus an Argentinian Dogo.

Eric Kitta

Veterinary Assistant

Eric has been in the veterinary world for 18 years and most enjoys taking x-rays. We are thankful to have Eric on staff to always lend a helping hand and help with many projects around the clinic. If he could give one piece of advice to our clients it would be to make sure your pets stay on heartworm prevention. While Eric is home he enjoys spending his time playing video games and caring for his cats Noomi AND Tula!

Faith Todd

Veterinary Assistant

Faith has been with us at Harvester Animal Clinic for 2 years and we are so thankful for her jumping and helping whenever we need her. Faith has always been drawn to animals and hopes to continue working with them in the future. Her favorite part about her job is providing general nursing care to our animals. She advises clients to train and socialize their pets while they are still young. At home, she has many animals including 2 beagles Daisy Mae and Sadie along with a turtle and a mouse.

Tori Benear

Veterinary Assistant

Tori is a kind-hearted animal lover with 2 years in the animal industry. We are thankful for Tori’s help all over the clinic! She is always helping others with projects such as making new puppy and kitten kits, sending welcome letters, and keeping us all organized. Her favorite thing to do is to fill medications. If Tori could offer one piece of advice to new pet owners it is to not get too frustrated with puppies and remember they are only small once. At home, Tori cares for Bozman an Australian shepherd, Nova a Pitbull, and her cats Bella and Luna!

Ryley O’Day

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Ryley has always enjoyed taking care of animals and decided to join the veterinary world because she wanted to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of animals. She has been in the veterinary world for one year and is looking forward to graduating from vet tech school in August 2023. Her favorite job activity is drawing blood for our lab tests. If Ryley could advise owners to do anything, it would be to know your pet’s behaviors so you can recognize anything abnormal. This allows us to treat any issues as quickly as possible. In Ryley’s off time, she enjoys hanging out with her big snuggle buddy Oakley the Newfoundland, and studying for her tech school program.

Cheyenne Wheeler

Veterinary Assistant

Coming Soon!

Emma Bremer

Veterinary Assistant

Emma works with us part time when she is not at Mizzou studying to become a veterinarian! She originally started down the veterinary medicine path because she loves animals and has always been drawn to the medical and science side of medicine. Her favorite part about her time at Harvester is assisting with the emergency surgeries. When she isn’t studying or working, she enjoys spending time with her Goldendoodle, Ollie!

Carol Dickison


If you are a long-time or even a first-time client, chances are you already know Carol! Carol brings lots of energy and compassion to our team and valuable experience and knowledge having worked in the veterinary industry for 29 years. She first became interested in working with animals because she wanted to make a difference in shelter pets. After being in the industry, she loves to assist clients with correct products and nutrition. If Carol could offer one piece of advice to our clients it would be to keep up with exams, medicines, and vaccines. At home, Carol continues her love for helping shelter animals as a fur mama to her pitbull mix Ellie and 4 cats Jac, Wrigley, Larry & Purrl and sometimes even fosters pregnant mama cats. We are so thankful to have Carol as a part of our team!

Rachel Maxwell


Rachel is a long-time Harvester Animal Clinic employee with over 18 years in the veterinary field. She has worn many hats ranging from veterinary assistant, to receptionist and even helping with accounts receivables. Rachel always impresses us with her attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond for our clients. Her favorite part of working at the clinic is building relationships with our clients and making sure their appointment runs smoothly from start to finish. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her own zoo of animals at home including Ally, a terrier mix, Panda, a bulldog, and Ernie, a dachshund mix, and her cats Ash, Sassy, Lexi, and Potato.

Emma Cleaveland


Emma has 4 years of animal experience and 10 years of administrative experience. We are thankful to have Emma as a part of a team as she is always excited to assist with projects and help to organize the clinic. Emma started in the animal industry because she always connected well with animals and wanted to help rescue animals find the life they deserved. Emma’s passion at work is educating and building lasting relationships with clients. At home, she spends time playing with her two dogs Ralph, a Great Dane, and Coraline, a Pitbull.

Angie Doll


Angie joins the Harvester family with over 7 years of knowledge and experience in the animal industry. We are so excited to have such a positive attitude at the front desk! Angie decided to come into the veterinary world because it brings her happiness to help people and their pets. Her favorite part of the job is welcoming clients and giving lots of kisses to our patients. If she could offer one piece of advice to pet parents it would be to do annual bloodwork for your pets. This helps us to detect disease early and therefore give your pet the best chance at a healthy and long life with your family. While Angie doesn’t currently have any pets of her own to snuggle at home, she hopes to add a new addition soon!

Becca Halambeck


Becca found her calling in the animal industry, where I’ve been immersed for the past 2 years. She chose to enter the animal industry because she belives every day spent working with animals is a day well-lived. At work Becca enjoys doing nail trims and expressing anal glands and says there’s something oddly satisfying about ensuring pets are comfortable and well-cared for in every way. At home, she spends time with her lovable mutt Dallas.

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